a classIn this university theory is learnt “hands-on” It's a workshop, and, by the end of your course, you will obtain a degree as a film-director, produce the class short films and achieve a thorough knowledge of all roles involved in film-making.
Here you learn by doing: the work schedule is planned by an Academic Committee whose chairperson and educational coordinator is Sofia Scandurra, author and film director.
This university has turned out to be a real “factory” of young professionals who are currently employed in the Italian and International Cinema and Television industry.Among our best, former students: Emanuele Crialese - director of “Respiro” with Valeria Golino, Critics and Public Award at the 2002 Cannes festival. Bogdan Drayer – three times awarded at the Berlin and other festivals. Anna Galiena – protagonist in the graduation film: “Giù per le scale” and now an established European actress.

All foreign students with some knowledge of Italian and willing to learn "Italian Style" movie-making can enrol in our university forwarding a curriculum of their studies and a copy of their own productions, if any, to

Libera UniversitÓ del Cinema
via di Villa belardi 44
00154 Roma, Italy
Voice +39 06 9587794 - info@universitadelcinema.it

The Libera UniversitÓ del Cinema is set just outside Rome, in a park on the Roman hills and has become very quickly a real "factory" of new talents for the movie and television industry.

At special viewing during the Venice Festival, Italian and foreign press has appreciated our students' work, awarding us an accreditation with the Festival.

LUC Subjects

night shootingAuthor's rights, the theme, scriptwriting, Dialogues, Treatment, Documentaries, Author's rights, Serials, Movies, Shorts, Still and action photography. Lighting, Cameras and their use, Set filming, Day/night and indoor/outdoor shooting, Set preparation, Costumes, Make-up, Acting, Editing, Soundtrack, Mixing, Image scission.

Students are actively involved hands-on during the entire course - from their concept to the completed production - in all areas of movie production.

Students complete their own graduation movie/thesis as directors and train in all other roles involved in production, thus achieving an overall understanding of the entire film production process.

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LUC and Accommodation

LUC offers an affordable, in-house accommodation (10 places), in a villa apartment with bathroom, central heating, kitchen and private garden.

Local accommodation in either hotel, cottages or vacation-farm resorts can also be arranged at reasonable prices. The half-hourly, 25 minute train ride to Rome is a two minutes' walk.

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LUC History

setting up the cameraSince its foundation, in 1983, by Lattuada, Zavattini and Scandurra, LUC has been conveying its experience, methods and “movie-making” skills onto the new generations.

Over the years, this University has been endorsed by an academic committee formed by prestigious names such as Alessandro Blasetti, Tinto Brass and Calisto Cosulich, all devoted to impart their movie culture onto the young generations. Once this was on a voluntary basis. Nowadays productions fear accidents on set.hence the flow of knowledge has stopped.

For this reason why our lecturers and students cooperate towards one goal: the formation of movie directors!

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LUC Courses

on the setTwo year, 100-hour/15 days stages, and 70-hour summer stages. All courses involve on-site sets, workshops and visits to movie establishments, interventions, seminars and meeting with relevant professionals.

Our graduates will complete the course of their choice with a graduation ceremony and will be delivered their own movie on either VHS or DVD format and a certificate of graduation with marks in every field covered.

The students' final movie thesis will be shown in our Hall to the main Italian and foreign movie professionals.

We believe that in his/her career, a knowledgeable movie director will encounter all sort of problems, must support his/her team whilst satisfying his/her clients.

For this reason LUC prepares its students to face all the uncertainties of the movie world: it is set up as a workshop that fosters group work, it offers overall training in all areas of movie making and promotes its graduates' own production with the private and public movie, shooting, television, editing and post production industry.

costumesOur students will learn how to gain familiarity with a technology that enables them to create the images of their concept as well as the confidence to move and work in the difficult world of movies, theatre, art and entertainment.

Libera UniversitÓ del Cinema Discover how to exploit your talent in all areas of movie-making.

Contact us at info@universitadelcinema.itinformazioni dettagliate
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